How to Choose the Right Granite Countertop

How to Choose the Right Granite Countertop

With so many types of granite out there, it is quite hard for the customer to decide what color of granite he wants. Some of the factors to consider include cabinet color and floor color. While this might seem like a simple guideline, people have different tastes and preferences, and that leads to discontent. Perhaps, that is why most suppliers encourage their buyers to take photos of their kitchen so as to determine what granite color fits in well. Taking photos is a very good idea for a majority of the suppliers are professionals and considering the experience they have, their advice will be on point. Nonetheless, it does not hurt to know the basics of granite color and matching.

The fundamentals of matching granite color.

Your kitchen cabinet color should be a major point of reference as far your granite color choice is concerned. One of the best ideas is selecting a granite color that compares to the cabinet color. While many people would prefer to match the cabinet color to that of the granite, there are still different ways of accomplishing a better feel and look.

For instance, you can use similar colors only that you create a variation by buying granite with a darker veining or mottling. A good example of this is matching white cabinets with white spring granite. The granite has veins of brown, gray, and black, and that makes the combination unique. Other granite colors that go well with white cabinets include Labrador green, black pearl, blue pearl, silver pearl and new Azul Arron.

The second option involves installing granite countertops with an utterly dissimilar color. However, for an appealing look, the veins should at least match the kitchen cabinet color. For example, white spring granite used above can get matched to cabinets black or espresso in color. Other granite colors that go well with black or espresso cabinets include Gialo, Lennon, Super White, Delicatus, Bianco Antico, Ornamental, Bianco Romano, Golden Crystal, and Costa Esmeralda (green granite with white veins). Most of these, you can purchase from your local store.

In case you have neutral-colored cabinets such as medium brown in color, you can pair those with white, beige, or gray colored granite. Titanium granite also blends well with any light to medium colored cabinets. Dark brown cabinets, on the other hand, can easily get matched to green colored granites such as Labrador Green, Costa Esmeralda as well as lemon ice. As for honey colored cabinets, Bordeaux, Netuna Bordeaux, and Typhoon granites work quite well. Again, Typhoon Bordeaux Verde Peacock and Uba Tuba granites intermingle well with cherry stained cabinets. However, those with medium to light colored oak cabinets should consider contrast colored granites such as Tan Brown, Black Pearl, Silver Pearl, or Coffee Brown.

While most of the aforementioned encourages matching, there is a unique twist to it. You can install two types of granite with either one of them matching your cabinet color or even both of them but in their distinct ways. For instance, Black Pearl, a uniform grain dark granite on the perimeter contrasts quite well with Typhoon Bordeaux a light colored granite on the island. However, such arrangements only stand out in large kitchens where there is a lot of space. For small sized kitchens, one uniform granite color works best. The same idea can also get implemented with the kitchen cabinets. You can have a particular color on the perimeter, which blends with the granite color on that same area, and do the same for the island too.

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