How To Repair a Wood Fence

How To Repair a Wood Fence

Whether it is due to sun, wind, rain or snow, wood fences fall into disrepair over time. As a property owner, you want to keep your fences in good shape at all times because they are the ones that keep out intruders. A damaged wooden fence can easily be breached with even just a little force. If your wooden fence is showing signs of disrepair there is no need to get rid of it and install a new one. There are ways to repair it and make it as good as new once more. Follow the steps outlined here.

To repair rails, start by covering the damaged areas with wood preservative. It stops any existing rot from spreading. You can reattach rails to the post using galvanized nails. Depending on the extent of the damage you may need to use T-braces to give the fence additional support.

If an entire section of the fence is damaged you can rebuild it from scratch. Cut posts that are the same size as those on the rest of the fence and do the same for rails as well. Join these using nails and then cut equal sized fence boards and drive them into the frame that you have created using galvanized nails. It is important to use galvanized rail because they are not susceptible to rust – at least they take many years before they do.

Broken screens also make good entry points for intruders. You can replace these quite easily. Just rip out the old screen and the carefully measure, cut out and install a replacement screen. Paint the new screen the same color as the rest of the fence.

Sometimes posts can be the problem with the rest of the fence standing intact. If you notice lose posts the important thing to do is first establish what is making them lose. If it is rot the post may be too far gone to be saved. If the post is loose at the base the best thing to do is prepare a new concrete base for it. It is important to mention that in cases where the problem is rot it tends to affect all the posts so it is important that you carefully check the rest of the posts. You can prevent any further rot with the liberal use of wood preservative.

Wooden fences that are not protected by a coat of paint perish faster than those that are because the wood is directly exposed to the elements. You must always paint your fences and also paint over any parts that you repair.

If a gate in the fence is sagging the most likely problem is the hinges; they need to be replaced. Check that any locks on the gate are working properly.

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