Bathroom Remodeling & Renovation

Our Bathroom Renovation/Remodel Process

Bathroom remodeling can be a large contracting job that involves precise planning and measurements to complete correctly.

At Lyndale Construction, we like to work with our customers to find a style, design, and materials that not only accent their home but that they fall in love with. We know that your home is a sacred place and a bathroom and shower/bath is a room that we spend a good amount of time in.

At Lyndale Construction we work with our customers to find the perfect style, color scheme, and brands for their newly remodeled bathroom. The first step in all of our bathroom renovation jobs is sitting down with the customer and listening to their wants and needs. We know that everyone is different and every home deserves a custom unique approach to how each room is built.

Once the style of your new bathroom is determined, we work with you to pick out the right materials and accessories – showers, baths, etc. All of the products we have in our warehouse are of the highest quality, ensuring they will last you a lifetime.

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