Mold Remediation & Removal

The Mold Removal/Remediation Process

New Jersey is famous for seeing some of the coldest winters and some of the hottest summers. Mold loves to live in NJ because it’s the perfect environment during most seasons – damp and warm. That’s why you see mold in your bathroom, a warm and damp environment. More often than not mold occurs in the home because of improper ventilation. Mold spores find their way in through open doors and open winders. Once inside they thrive in dark, damp, warm rooms.

Mold should be removed as soon as it is spotted. This is for many reasons but first, it can spread rapidly, getting into cracks and crevices within your walls. Also, mold can cause respiratory problems – such as coughing and weezing (especially black mold).

The mold remediation/removal process takes three steps: assessment, testing, and removal. First we assess the rooms infected, then we test the strain of mold, then we use the proper materials to remove the mold without harming your paint, walls, ceilings, etc.

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